Budapest river cruises can be booked via our online booking system: you will find the booking button, or the online booking form next to each individual cruise you with to book. Pick the time from our Cruise Calendar or the theme (e.g. Dinner) or run a search by using the search box on the left side here.

Each program has its own online booking form where you can conveniently pick your cruise date, settings or packages, or open date Cruise Vouchers, if you wish to surprise someone with a beautiful Gift Voucher. For private cruise events and group discounts please ask for a personal private quote.

Budapest Margaret Island and Parliament BRC

Budapest Danube

Except for the special events cruises, You can buy your tickets on the ship too, but please note that our sightseeing Lunch and Dinner weekend cruises are very popular and get easily booked up before the cruise starts (Fri, Sat, Sun cruises)


Cruises to be Booked Online

Special Events Cruises: Valentine’s Day Cruises, Fireworks Cruises, Christmas Eve Cruises, Christmas Day Cruises, NYE Cruise, NYD Cruises

The following VIP cruises are our special event Danube cruises in Budapest:

Valentine’s Day on the Danube in Budapest

Valentine's Day Dinner Cruise in Budapest

Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise in Budapest

Valentine’s Day Cruises: celebrate Feb 14 with your better half on a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise with special decorations, sparkling wine and live music.

Fireworks on the Danube Budapest

Budapest Buda Castle Night Cruise BRC (2)

Budapest Night Cruise BRC

Fireworks Danube Cruise: each year on August 20 the Fireworks river cruise is the most spectacular cruise of the year. Yes, bigger than New Year’s Eve cruises as the city celebrates her birthday with the National Fireworks at the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the river Danube. New Year’s Eve is fun, and nice too in Budapest, but the fireworks are smallish compared to the August 20 Fireworks. You have never seen Budapest like this!

Christmas on the Danube Budapest

Christmas Danube Cruise: city cruises in Budapest on Christmas Evening, on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day. Budapest Christmas is a wonderful series of events in the city. A cruise on the river Danube is a must, especially on December 24 when the city wraps up in family celebrations, and there are very few events taking place. Our Christmas cruises are exceptional.

New Year on the Danube Budapest

Budapest Parliament Building from Dinner Cruise BRC

Budapest Dinner Cruises BRC

New Year Cruises in Budapest: on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day you can say goodbye to the old year in style. The NYE cruise has an Open Bar, live show, and lots of treats. All aboard the festive river Danube where the lights double in the night!

Further cruises that are worth booking online are dinner and lunch cruises at the weekends, which are quite booked up a few days before the event.

Dinner Cruises in Budapest: booking in advance is warmly recommended for the evening cruises with drinks or with dinner and drinks. You can book the Night Cruises with optional dinner: Budapest Danube dinner cruises: the night cruises are spectacular, and many tourists often combine it with a Hungarian folk show performance. As usual throughout the year, the dinner cruises are full at the weekends, and more relaxed during the weekdays.

Lunch Cruises in Budapest: lunch cruises or cruises with an optional lunch are less packed from October to May, but from June to September we suggest booking them in advance if you are on a short Budapest weekend. As usual throughout the year, the dinner cruises are full at the weekends, and more relaxed during the weekdays.

Confirmation of Booking a Budapest River Cruise

Once you picked the Danube boat tours you would like to buy, you can pay via PayPal, or by debit card or credit card via PayPal. After your online river cruise ticket purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please check your mail box for the confirmation email, as this is your cruise ticket. Rarely though, but in some mailboxes it might end up in the spam box.
You can ask further questions from us, on or you can directly reply to your confirmation email. Feel free to contact us about details, features, etc..

Budapest River Cruise Packages

We have partnered with other tour organizers in the city of Budapest, so each of our river cruise ticket can be combined with further cultural, tasting or fun programs in Budapest. If you wish to ask for our tips, please contact us at info [at] Please let us know what you are interested in.

If you are a group or a couple with special request for arrangements, please contact us with the details of your requests so that we can best accommodate you during your Danube boat tour. Groups can ask for a personal quote for discount cruise prices (groups of 8+)

Students and groups are entitled to discounts. Please let us know in advance, and bring along your Student ID to prove your entitlement to the discounted price.

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    Booking should be under Kuru limbu for goulash cruise!

    • http://Budapest%20Cruise

      Dear Kuru,
      thank you for contacting us.
      I would like to confirm that we have received your booking, and the confirmation email has automatically been sent to your given email address.
      I have now forwarded it from our backup email address to make sure you receive it.
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    my name is Marella from Denmark
    we comming for a vacation in Budapest and i would like to experience boat diner in your cruise,
    can i request the top deak table for 6person for a birthday date.on sept.13,2023
    thank you,

    • http://Budapest%20Cruise

      Dear Marella,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We have contacted you via email.

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    Hi there, I would like to purchase a open date Cruise Vouchers or just a gift voucher but the booking system always requires a specific date. How can I order one?

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      Dear Normen,

      Kindly send us an email request with all the details needed but make sure to have two email addresses indicating which is yours, or only give your email address to avoid any confusion for the recipient.
      The details needed are
      Name of Gift receiver
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  • Hello, good evening, do you have ticket to september, from budapeste to vienna? My e mail

    • http://Budapest%20River%20Cruise

      Hello Valeria,
      we organise cruise programs within the borders of Hungary. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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    Can you tell me what the cancelation policy is?
    – Linda

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        Can you, please, send me the details for the cancelation policy ?
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          Hello Alexandru,
          As we sell various programs the cancellation policies are different but we always strive to find a mutually satisfactory solution in every case.
          Please let me know if you have selected a program so I can send you the cancellation policy.

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    My name is Tobias Ekvall and myself and 7 of my friends from Sweden are looking for a great party cruise on new years eve. We want to have a great dinner, party some and then later head to A38 to spend the rest of the night. What is your best deal for us? I am a little bit lost in which cruise we should pick that fits us the best.

    With kind regards

    • http://BudapestRiverCruise

      Hi Tobias, as in winter time our party boat (run on Fri, Sat, Sun from spring to autumn) is taking a rest, and on New Year’s Eve we launch our special Dec 31 party boat, I recommend our party cruise on December 31:
      This includes an open bar, so the price includes all of the drinks you can possibly have during the cruise party. :)
      You can stay as long as you wish on our cruise or head over to A38 party ship. Happy travels!

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